Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become one of the most important contributors to brand awareness and lead generation in the 21st century. Hootsuite reported that in 2019, 4.39 billion people were using the internet, and a whopping 3.48 billion of those people were on social media. But why is that important? What is Digital Marketing?



Available in electronic form; readable and manipulable by computer.

Digital marketing was discovered in the 19th century when people began using digital mediums, or “new media”  such as radio and TV as a platform to promote and sell their products and services.  Fast forward to 2020 in a world overtaken by a global pandemic, not only is radio and TV still being used, but the internet has now become fundamental in communicating with both current and prospective supporters – all at a very rapid rate.

Ultimately, digital marketing is any form of marketing or advertising delivered digitally. Newer forms of digital marketing include social media, emails, podcasts, websites and search engines, to name a few. Other benefits of marketing through these platforms include their effectiveness, low costs (often free), and the ability to measure success through impressions, clicks and other engagement.


The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Can Digital Marketing Help Me?

If done right, the benefits of digital marketing are endless and can help you with brand awareness, building relationships and generating leads. Contact Lina to find out how digital marketing can help you and to begin building your digital marketing strategy.


Lina’s mission is to help her clients establish a foundation in digital marketing and communications. Her goal is to educate people and provide them with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge to develop an effective long-term digital marketing strategy to help them build brand awareness and generate leads.

Charitable Donations

Lina believes that giving back is key to building a strong community. That’s why she is offering exclusive services, free of charge, to local non-profit charities.

Other Services

Already have a digital marketing strategy, but missing the supporting components such as banner ads, brochures and social media artwork? Or, maybe you’re just starting out and need help establishing your brand with a new logo design or custom stationary. Lina offers a range of supporting services based on her past experience, knowledge and skills – all of which can be available on an individual basis.