Lina graduated from the New Media Production and Design program at SAIT with honours in 2010. She completed her practicum within the Corporate Communications department as the creative assistant, primarily responsible for creating and managing content for the SAITVIEW digital signage network and websites. Since her childhood, Lina has always had a keen interest in mass communications through digital platforms. Through her own research and self-teaching, Lina would often provide services to friends, family and non-profit organizations, particularly in the areas of visual identity and brand awareness.

Lina has spent the last decade of her career largely within the energy sector working directly with Executives, Marketing Directors and Managers, Web/Application Developers, Editors and Graphic Designers. Her primary roles consisted of production artist, team lead and marketing with a focus on branding and communications strategies.

When Lina isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family and building her own social media networks. She is an active member to various social media groups, most often sharing advice in the areas of animal care and the ethical treatment of animals. On her spare time, Lina enjoys learning and practicing digital photography.

Lina’s mission is to help her clients establish a foundation in digital marketing and communications. Her goal is to educate people and provide them with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge to develop an effective long-term digital marketing strategy to help them build brand awareness and generate leads.